Want to help? That's amazing.
We get a LOT of requests for involvement and helping out, so if you'd like to become a contributor - hit us up below! We'll always get back to you.

Would you like a piece of your writing on #WANDY? Want to put on a #WANDY gig/event? Want to help us run stalls at events? You could hand out flyers at events near you. You could do your own mental health research project by talking to people and writing up your findings, which we can publish in your name on here. You could even design some merch. Think you can bring something else to the table? Let's make something happen.
Whilst #WANDY can't pay you for your work, we can use it to promote understanding, make awesome things happen and further the cause. 
Get in touch with us below and remember to include your name and age and any ideas you may have about volunteering for #WANDY. 


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