I've always had a passion for creation. As long as I can remember I've needed to build; to make things. Naturally, as I grew up I gravitated towards the arts when it came to my aspirations. I've been under the spell of the pen and the piano key since I had advanced use of my hands. 
As I got older, through personal experience and a strong sense of empathy, I developed a passion for mental health. Having suffered myself and having lost someone incredibly close to me to suicide, it disgusts me that it is still so difficult to discuss. That's where We Are Not Dead Yet comes from. It's a massive driving force behind why I do what I do.

I'm Mikey Lord from As Sirens Fall. These are some things that I've made.


We Are Not Dead Yet is a motto; a mantra for those days where it can feel like you'd rather be anything but alive. It can be very hard to remind yourself that you're still alive - you're still here. Still breathing and still kicking; emerging from the wreckage stronger every time. I often feel like my only real outlet and the only way I can let off steam is to create things - so why not create things that may help others do the same? £2.00 from every single purchase made from WANDY is donated straight to Mind: The Mental Health charity. 


I can guarantee me a sunrise
— The hopeful